The five toxic ingredients to your business success

The five toxic ingredients to your business success are the top 5 elements that existed in your business and you should be able to watch or fix.

Ingredient #5 Miss guided arrow.

The miss guided arrow results of not having a vivid vision for your business. There is no actionable plan for everyday activities.

It always results from the lack of execution plan towards a Target.
Ingredient #4 Ineffective networking:

Networking is the number method to get prospects and convert them into clients. Goal number one of networking is making $ through selling more. You hang around the wrong crowd.
Ingredient #3 Bad follow up:

Follow up is the most effective way to either sell more or adjust your business to sell more. Businesses usually overlook following up with their current client and then Fail to follow up with your current customers to bring new prospects.
Ingredient #2: Wrong focus:

Businesses (either production or service or consultation) have three main sections or areas:

1- Production: which which is the process of fulfil your clients request. The process of producing the final product to deliver to your clients.

2- Operation: which is the process of producing what you sell. it is how to run your business.

3- Sales and Marketing: which is the process of getting news orders, client or customers.

We always Focus on the wrong part of the business. The area which we feel better happy and within out zone of comfort.
#1 You:

Your biggest challenge in your business is “You”.

You are stubborn, you do not accept advices, you repeat the same mistake.

You are not open to change when it is not working.


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