Your broken promises speak about you, but they do not hurt me



Now a day, we meet, we talk, I offer, you promise, and I listen.

Then, I wait, wait and wait, AND you do not perform or deliver.

You do not show up again because you got busy and forgot.

So, I will not go back and review your promises; I will move on.


Your promises were valuable for me, because I believed you care,

And now, I know that I am not on your mind any more.

Your broken promises speak about you.

Your broken promises speak about your commitments.

Your broken promises say “you are interested but not committed”.

But, I am committed and not interested,

So, I have to focus on only committed but not interested,

But I promise that once I am interested, ….

…. I will call you to share our interests with no commitment.


The way you do anything is the way you do everything…

And, I am committed and you are just interested, So,

…. we can not have a business together.






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