A Workshop on Effective Communication based on Behaviour Emotion Engagement Triggers

The target audience: Teaching Staff, Support Staff and anyone who have a contact with the Student within our Faculty.

Date: Sept. 17, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Abstract: The Behavioural Emotional Engagement Trigger is a step-by-step system to energize your presentation, engage your audience, and stimulate behaviour to foster actions. This workshop will provide overview the concept of Behavioural Emotional Engagement and will train the audience on methods and techniques to trigger actions.

This is an integrated technique to proactively address rejections, overcome objections, and close to the next step.

This workshop will analyze the challenge of the Personality profile. It demonstrates the differences between BEET, DISC, CVI, Colors and other Emotion Intelligent techniques.

Every attendee will receive a complementary BEET assessment using artificial intelligence. BEET is the most advance personality profile that enables intelligent conversations for sales, marketing and conflict resolution.

An ideal audience is anyone who is presenting and potentially presenting in front of audiences with a goal to engage them to follow an invitation for the next step. Each attendee will revive a workbook and online tools to apply the tools.

Every attendee will learn Tools and Techniques that will develop and enhance his communication skills an can be used before the end of the Workshop

Come in a confront clothing and expect to engage in a group activities.

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