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Dr. Badawy is an arbiter, counsellor, and mediator. A former Deputy Minister with passion to serve you.

Dr. Badawy is recognized as a world leading researcher in video surveillance technology and continues to lecture throughout the world on his innovations. As a leading researcher he also oversees the evolution of the video surveillance technology developed at the University of Calgary and the commercialization in Calgary to serve and support Calgary businesses.

Dr. Badawy conducted his research at the U of Calgary, Canada where he was an iCore Chair Associate. Dr. Badawy developed a new model to describe optical video, thermal, infra-red, and 3D data in general. There he developed a model, algorithm, architecture and several platform implementations. These models have been awarded several awards and patents, as well as published in conference and journal papers. Dr. Badawy also trained and mentored researchers and engineers on his new technology, leading them to a successful commercialization path through a University Spin-off which housed 12 co-founders who worked in his research team at the U of C. Dr. Badawy’s innovation and leadership contributed to Canada with:

• More than 400 technical papers that has been accepted for publication by the internal peer community. and large number of citation that use this work which exceed 300 papers

• The 50+ contributions to develop the ISO standards which represent more than 75% of the hardware reference model for the H.264 compression standard. Wael led the development of the hardware reference model for MPEG-4, Part 9 in collaboration with Xilinx and EPFL. Also, we developed several motion tracking architectures for low power applications that can be integrated in system on chip applications. This contribution impacted all international companies developing video products as they have to use the developed reference model for standard conformance test.

• Dr. Badawy was also listed as a “Primary contributor” in the VSI Alliance™ developing the “Platform-Based Design Definitions and Taxonomy, (PBD 11.0), 2003”. VSI Alliance is an industrial organization that aimed at the development of a standard for IP Cores. This standards is used as a reference by all companies developing electronic chips for different application mainly communication and video.

• The impact of his publications has an h-index of 10 according to SCOPUS.COM with the largest number of citation of 59, with a total citation of 278 and about 1000 citations in google. His success is product of his willingness to accept responsibility.

• The commercialization of a Canadian Video technology through a spin-off company IntelliView Technologies Inc.

• The training, knowledge and technology that Dr. Badawy transferred over the last 10 years to his students (about 2,000 undergraduate and 50 graduate) who are now contributing to the engineering field at different capacities from design, teaching, supervising and manufacturing several electronic components.

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