Be a Red Apple and surround yourself with Red Apples and don’t mind the Green Apples

Like all aspects of life, and in business, we have different customers who can be negative, positive or neutral. We have different employee who can be negative, positive or neutral. We have different co-works who can be negative, positive or neutral. No matters what is the example, we will always find red apples, green apples and brown apples.

The Red apples are the good ones, the delicious one, the performers, the positive, the high energy etc.

The Green apples are the sour ones, the ones who do not want to move but they do not decide, the undecided, I call them waiting for the train to have a ride or a hit, etc.

The Brown apples are the bad ones, the negative, the rejection, the non-performers, the road blocker, the negatives, Etc. These are the bad influences, who can harm you.


To be successful, you must be a Red Apple, surrounded by at least 90% Red Apples and do not mind up to 10% Green Apples. But, avoid Brown Apples and have 0% Brown Apples in your life. Your goal is convert Green Apples to Red Apples. If you stuck with a Brown Apple, you will be Brown.

It is Red, Red, Red, Apple; and only Red Apple.


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