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System on Chip: the Future of System Integration

System on chip: The future of the integration paradigm Syste`me sur une puce: le futur du paradigme de l’inte ́gration Wael Badawy The increase in the number of transistors that can be integrated on a single chip allows the integration of more functions. On the other hand, time-to-market pressures requireRead More


DeFET: A Novel CMOS Electric-Field Sensor for Lab-on-a-Chip and Biomedical Applications

This paper presents a novel CMOS electric-field sensor, it is called the “differential electric-field sensitive field-effect transistor” (DeFET), which is based on a standard 0.18-mum Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) CMOS technology. The DeFET shows a sensitivity of 51.7 mV/(V/mum). This paper also describes the DeFET’s theory of operation inRead More