Tag: voltage-mode Wheatstone bridge (VMWB)


A New Topology for a Current-mode Wheatstone Bridge

This paper presents a new topology for a current-mode Wheatstone bridge (CMWB) that uses an operational floating current conveyor (OFCC) as a basic building block. The proposed CMWB has been analyzed, simulated, implemented, and experimentally tested. The experimental results verify that the proposed CMWB outperforms existing CMWBs in terms of accuracy. A new CMWB linearization technique based on OFCC has been proposed, used, analyzed, and tested. The advantages of the proposed CMWB are fourfold. Firstly, it reduces the number of sensing passive elements; i.e., we can use two resistors instead of four and get the same performance as the traditional voltage-mode implementation. Secondly, we can apply the superposition principle without adding signal conditioning circuitry; therefore, the addition of sensor effects is possible. Thirdly, it has a higher common-mode cancellation. Finally, the proposed CMWB topology offers a significant improvement in accuracy compared to other CMWBs

Published in:

Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on (Volume:53 , Issue: 1 )

Yehya H. Ghallab, and Wael Badawy ” A New Topology for a Current-mode Wheatstone Bridge” IEEE Transaction on Circuit and System II, Volume 53, No.1, pp. 18-22, January 2006.

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