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A Parallel Multiplication-Free Algorithm and Architecture for Affine-based Motion Compensation

  Affine transformation is widely used in image processing. Recently, it has been recommended by MPEG-4 for video motion compensation. We present a novel low-power parallel architecture for texture warping using affine transformation (AT). The architecture uses a novel multiplication-free algorithm that employs the algebraic properties of the affine transformation.Read More


A Low Power VLSI Architecture for Mesh-based Video Motion Tracking

This paper proposes a low-power very large-scale integration (VLSI) architecture for motion tracking. It uses a hierarchical adaptive structured mesh that generates a content-based video representation. The proposed mesh is a coarse-to-fine hierarchical two-dimensional mesh that is formed by recursive triangulation of the initial coarse mesh geometry. The structured meshRead More


Algorithm-Based Low Power VLSI Architecture For 2d-Mesh Video Object Motion Tracking

The new VLSI architecture for video object (VO) motion tracking uses a novel hierarchical adaptive structured mesh topology. The structured mesh offers a significant reduction in the number of bits that describe the mesh topology. The motion of the mesh nodes represents the deformation of the VO. Motion compensation isRead More